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Unexpected Ways to Save Money as a Student

Whether you’ve a new college student or not you are probably finding it a bit difficult to save money. There are too many distractions around and everything is a chance for you to splurge.

If you are in need of saving some dollars, here are a few easy and quite unexpected ways to put some money aside if you’re a student.

  • Find used textbooks

It’s true that as a student you will need to spend most of your allowance on textbooks for college. If you would like to save some money from this situation, start by asking your professor if they will definitely be using the book or just notes. You might not need to buy it after all.

On top of that, try looking in Facebook groups that re-sell textbooks or even on Amazon, and you will also be able to benefit from a student discount by using Amazon Prime for the delivery!

  • Start shopping at a thrift store

Buying clothes at the thrift store can seriously save you a lot of money without degrading your closet in the slightest bit. Many clothes sold in second-hand shops are of great quality and many are not even used. All you need to do if find a good store and have the patience to go through everything so you make sure that what you get is of good quality and worth buying.

  • House Parties instead of nightclubs

How many times a week do you spend money on going out? If your answer does not leave your wallet very pleased, maybe you should reconsider and start hosting some parties at the comfort of your own house.

You can simply ask your friends to bring their own alcohol with them and you can get the snacks. If there’s good music and good company everyone is bound to have a good time no matter where the party is at!

  • Re-evaluate your subscriptions

Maybe it’s about time that you sit down and think about all the things you are subscribed to. Maybe both Netflix and Spotify is a little too much for your bank account to handle. Look at any subscriptions you are not using as much anymore and unsubscribe from them so you save some money that there is no reason for you to spend.

  • Time to DIY

Have you seen all those awesome DIY projects on Pinterest? Give yourself a challenge and get creative. Supplies and wood can be a lot cheaper to buy that those fancy and super expensive IKEA furniture and you can easily make your own versions of them with some patience and the right tools.

You can also easily find supplies like cheap Christmas lights, boxes for storage under your bed or printed photos that you can use to decorate your dorm room. You don’t have to be experienced or all that great at crafting. You just need to remember how much money DIYing it will save you and you are sure to find a way to give your dorm room a great makeover!

No need to spend money when you don’t need to

Sooner or later you will come to find out that having fun and getting things done as a student doesn’t always have to mean that you need to spend money.

Take advantage of all these little tips and save hundreds of dollars during your academic years. These will just be the beginning of you finding even more ways to save, without holding back on any of the experiences or the fun of your college years!

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