The Pros and Cons of Recording Your Class Lectures

Recording your class lecture on your phone or iPods can prove itself to be the best thing for you, but it can also be your biggest nightmare. While writing all the information that the professor is lecturing about, you also have to try and understand everything he says. For some of us, this is quite impossible and that’s why we resort to this kind of actions.

Here are some pros and cons of recording your class lectures.


  • Better Focus: When taking notes, it’s possible for some of the students to feel pressured, because of the amount of information that the professor is lecturing about. Recording the lecture can give you the possibility to listen to your professor more carefully. Therefore, you will stay focused on what you are learning without feeling any constraints. There’s a big chance that you’d understand the lecture even better than you would’ve done if you wrote it down.
  • Better understanding: If the lecture is hard to understand, by recording it, you can listen to it over and over again until you fully comprehend it. No matter how complex and difficult it is, listening to the lecture twice can always make it easier to learn.
  • You can’t miss it: There are times when you can’t come to class. Maybe you are sick, or maybe you didn’t catch the bus. Either way, you can still feel like you didn’t miss the lecture. All you have to do is to ask a friend or a colleague to record the lecture for you. Thus, you won’t miss a thing from your lecture.
  • Fewer distractions: We all know the classic way of taking notes, so we all understand the fact that it can become really boring, and sometimes even annoying. I, for example, experienced something like that at a course. A colleague of mine suddenly rose up, packed his things and left the class because he couldn’t take it anymore. Other students tend to find themselves other things to do, such as playing Candy Crush or checking their Facebook But, if you don’t have to write everything down, maybe there will be fewer distractions coming your way.


  • Maybe you can’t stay focused: If you can’t stay focused without writing down what the professor is lecturing about, then this technique is not for you. In this case, you should stick to your classic method of handwriting the information. Try and use abbreviations in order to keep up with your lecturer.
  • It can be forbidden: In many universities, recording your class lecture is forbidden and in order to do it, you have to receive permission from the administration or from your professor. If that’s the case, then recording can be a difficult game to play. Whether you risk and play it or not it’s only up to you, but I recommend you not to do it.
  • Not your way of learning: People are different. Maybe listening to the same lecture over and over again doesn’t help you learn Perhaps your perfect method of learning and understanding what the professor is talking about is by writing the information down on paper. You can try this new method if you have the permission, but if it proves useless to you, then you better leave it.

In conclusion, recording your class lectures can prove to be helpful for you as much as it can be a problem. Either way, it’s important to know if you are allowed to do it before taking any chances.

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