Deserted Island Scenario

30 Mar

Deserted Island Scenario

Individual Choices Pair Choices Small Group Choices Whole Class Choices
Bible Soap Soup pot Bag of dry rice
Ipad (No charger) Pillow Towel Aspirin
Blanket Scissors Stuffed Animal Compass
Turp Paper/pencil Rope Toilet paper
Knife Plays of Shakespeare Matches Paper/Pencil

In the Deserted Island Scenario there are 20 items that are available for the team members to use. In this case, the products are arranged in various ways to show the proper way that the items are arranged by the team members. The arrangement of the items is very crucial in proper survival. The arrangement helps to give the properties available the precedence and the usefulness to the individuals and the group members.

The arrangement of the products takes into consideration of an individual, pair, small group and the whole class. According to the arrangement, an individual person requires some items that are essential for the individual although some of the things that an individual can use may also be used by the whole class, such as the Bible and knife.  Living in the island can cause a number of things to the lifestyle of an individual. Firstly, staying in the island leads to compromise on the kind of food to eat and the method of preparation.

In conclusion, the social way of living changes with the vicinity and the neighbours. When people of the same age stay at the same place, their ways of living is different from when they stay with older people. The closeness to one another also dictates the things that an individual will be willing to share. For example, people who are close will be free to share the same soap or scissors if none of them is suffering from a communicable disease.