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degree 6 Jan

Reasons to Consider Further Study after a Degree

Not all of us have the privilege to know what we want to do after college. Many of us dread the moment of graduation, knowing that we will be lost in the adult world. It gets even worse for people who started having doubts about their university even before that. What are some of the reasons you should take into consideration if you are thinking about furthering your studies after graduation?

Not getting what you wanted

Coming to terms with the realization that you chose your college poorly can be difficult. People don’t always have the monetary capabilities or the time to attend another college after finishing one beforehand. Even if you are considering postgraduate studies or a doctorate, those things take years to finish and even then you might not be satisfied.

The simple question you should ask yourself is whether or not you are satisfied with the amount of knowledge you received from your bachelor studies. If the answer is no, start thinking about further studies wholeheartedly, whether it’s a specialization or another bachelor’s degree.

Building up your skillset

No matter what you might be told, furthering your studies can only benefit you. You might spend a couple of years more in college but the benefits far outweigh the detriments. For one, you will be able to build a rich skillset of useful knowledge that employers will want to add to their company. Whether you continue down the route you chose and do a postgraduate or choose a completely different major and combine the two into a good combination – it will only do well for you in the long run. Having two varying degrees can be a very interesting piece of information that you can use to land a job much more quickly than you would otherwise.

Investing into yourself

People often consider college an expense. While it is true that studying can be difficult, especially in the US, the notion of “expense” should be out of your head by now. You are investing into yourself and the future you are trying to build – not throwing money down the drain.

Having the strength and wisdom to put your savings into another college and enroll for a new program takes a special kind of adult thinking that many students lack. Money is a tool to be used for the betterment of your life, not as something you should keep a close eye on and spend sparingly “just in case”. Be the bigger person and invest time, patience and money into your personal and professional development without justifying yourself to anyone.


The job market itself is saturated with graduates that want good jobs with no extra experience apart from their college diplomas. Building yourself up as a confident and reliable future professional with extra education is the entire requirement you need to land a job successfully. Remember that your real struggle starts after you have finished your formal education, so use your second chance at college to do things differently and prepare for the real world ahead.

Part-time 9 Oct

Part-time Jobs for Seriously Busy Students

Finding a part-time job that pays the bills and keeps you well covered all while having the time to study can be difficult. Jobs that college students can do often require them to be busy in fixed hours during the day and don’t pay that well to begin with.

Every college student out there should make their studies the number one priority, no matter how tough the monetary situation may be. Luckily, there are a lot of options for students without much time on their hands, and all of them are flexible and pay well compared to other jobs out there.

Online freelancing

Becoming a freelancer doesn’t require any special knowledge or degrees upfront. All you have to do is fill an online profile on one of the many platforms on the internet and start looking for work. You can work as a virtual assistant, a writer or a blogger or even a graphic designer. Clients on these pages don’t care a lot about who you are or where you come from – they care about your dedication and efficiency. Freelancing can be done at any time of the day, from anywhere you find yourself, so it’s perfect for busy students.


Being a babysitter might not be the most exciting job in the world but it does cover two important things – getting paid and having the time to study. Depending on the age of the children you are looking after, you can safely study or do some work even while you are babysitting. You can find a local firm that specializes in babysitting ask around the neighborhood or look it up online. This can be a hit-or-miss depending on where you live, but it can often cover a lot of your student needs in doing so.

IT support

You don’t need a diploma in programming to provide IT support for your friends, family or neighbors. If you know anything about computers, you can put that to good use and offer services to your local clients. Things like hard drive formatting or case cleaning are perfectly doable by anyone, but you can make some extra money in doing so as someone who is young and “up-to-date” with current IT trends.


A good way to solidify your college education is to tutor someone younger than you. Elementary and high school students are often in need of tutoring, whether it’s English grammar, math or chemistry. You can make decent pocket money by tutoring children from your neighborhood (or beyond), which will help you check your own knowledge. This type of revision is often even better than studying for an exam, since it will help you to practically explain a difficult subject matter to someone else – and earn money in doing so.

Finding that one job that makes you happy, pays well and gives you time to rest and study can take some time. Remember that “freedom” in college is very subjective and you should always take your own advice into consideration.

Try to incorporate your major into whatever part-time job you find if possible. It can be a good idea to stay close to what you are studying in order get two birds with one stone. Real life begins after college, so working while studying can help you immensely when time management and productivity are concerned.

save money 3 May

Unexpected Ways to Save Money as a Student

Whether you’ve a new college student or not you are probably finding it a bit difficult to save money. There are too many distractions around and everything is a chance for you to splurge.

If you are in need of saving some dollars, here are a few easy and quite unexpected ways to put some money aside if you’re a student.

  • Find used textbooks

It’s true that as a student you will need to spend most of your allowance on textbooks for college. If you would like to save some money from this situation, start by asking your professor if they will definitely be using the book or just notes. You might not need to buy it after all.

On top of that, try looking in Facebook groups that re-sell textbooks or even on Amazon, and you will also be able to benefit from a student discount by using Amazon Prime for the delivery!

  • Start shopping at a thrift store

Buying clothes at the thrift store can seriously save you a lot of money without degrading your closet in the slightest bit. Many clothes sold in second-hand shops are of great quality and many are not even used. All you need to do if find a good store and have the patience to go through everything so you make sure that what you get is of good quality and worth buying.

  • House Parties instead of nightclubs

How many times a week do you spend money on going out? If your answer does not leave your wallet very pleased, maybe you should reconsider and start hosting some parties at the comfort of your own house.

You can simply ask your friends to bring their own alcohol with them and you can get the snacks. If there’s good music and good company everyone is bound to have a good time no matter where the party is at!

  • Re-evaluate your subscriptions

Maybe it’s about time that you sit down and think about all the things you are subscribed to. Maybe both Netflix and Spotify is a little too much for your bank account to handle. Look at any subscriptions you are not using as much anymore and unsubscribe from them so you save some money that there is no reason for you to spend.

  • Time to DIY

Have you seen all those awesome DIY projects on Pinterest? Give yourself a challenge and get creative. Supplies and wood can be a lot cheaper to buy that those fancy and super expensive IKEA furniture and you can easily make your own versions of them with some patience and the right tools.

You can also easily find supplies like cheap Christmas lights, boxes for storage under your bed or printed photos that you can use to decorate your dorm room. You don’t have to be experienced or all that great at crafting. You just need to remember how much money DIYing it will save you and you are sure to find a way to give your dorm room a great makeover!

No need to spend money when you don’t need to

Sooner or later you will come to find out that having fun and getting things done as a student doesn’t always have to mean that you need to spend money.

Take advantage of all these little tips and save hundreds of dollars during your academic years. These will just be the beginning of you finding even more ways to save, without holding back on any of the experiences or the fun of your college years!