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1 Apr


Astronomy is the study of all the objects found in the space of the universe, for example, stars, moons, asteroids, comets, galaxies, planets, and nebulae. The study of this involves launching spacecraft into the space to help collect information, the information aids in gathering information to help in the research. These processes include gamma ray which burst supernovae explosive and cosmic microwave background radiation.

The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous is a mission that was named in honor of a scientist Gene Shoemaker. The mission was designed to study the near earth asteroid 433 Eros, which was one of the largest asteroids near the Earth.  The mission’s aim was to establish the nature and the origin of the asteroid, which was near the earth’s orbit. Most this near object to the surface contains more information on how the earth was formed and the other planets. It was designed to take a period of one year. The NEAR mission was the first ever mission to orbit an asteroid, and it was also the first one to orbit around the asteroid for over one year, (Jim 5). The primary aim of the mission was to collect data on the bulk properties, mineralogy, morphology, composition, internal mass distribution and the magnetic field of Eros. The secondary objective was to study the current activities as it was indicated by the gas and dust on the asteroid and its interaction with the solar wind.

The NEAR space was designed and was about the size of a car.  It was made of aluminum panels of 18 –square-ft. It was 9-ft 2in long together with its antenna. Its entire four solar panels measured six ft long and four ft wide. The spacecraft comprised of the gamma ray spectrometer which was used to determine which elements that were present on the asteroid.  A camera that was multi-spectral and it was fitted with CCD imaging detector and an infrared imaging spectrometer (Jim 5). It was equipped with a laser rangefinder to determine the distance to the asteroids. Experiments were also carried out to establish the gravity of the asteroid and find out its mass and density using the NEAR tracking system. All the instruments in the NRAR spacecraft weighed 1,775 lbs including the fuel at the time of launch.

The lightweight spacecraft was launched on February 17, 1996.It made it way into the orbit around Eros after four years; this was on February 14, 2000. The object was totally dark and of the total sunlight that was shown on it, only 4 per cent was reflected. As NEAR was swung by the trajectory which collected energy from the earth’s gravity, it captured out shots and films of the planet. The thousands of images of high resolutions were obtained from the spacecraft. These pictures showed 6,760 rocks which were larger than 16 yards across wide.  Most of the rocks seemed to be ejected from one crater which was situated near one end of the asteroids, (Russell, C T 21).

NEAR Shoemaker gathered enough data which completed one of the most detailed scientific profiles done ever of small celestial bodies. The mission has already answered most fundamental scientific questions asked in the class of asteroids. The NEAR scientists gathered at least 100,000 craters and almost 1 million boulders which were house-sized. It was discovered that the surface of the Eros was very smooth Communication with NEAR came to an end on February 28, 2001. Attempts to re-establish connection since then have failed.

30 Mar

Deserted Island Scenario

Individual Choices Pair Choices Small Group Choices Whole Class Choices
Bible Soap Soup pot Bag of dry rice
Ipad (No charger) Pillow Towel Aspirin
Blanket Scissors Stuffed Animal Compass
Turp Paper/pencil Rope Toilet paper
Knife Plays of Shakespeare Matches Paper/Pencil

In the Deserted Island Scenario there are 20 items that are available for the team members to use. In this case, the products are arranged in various ways to show the proper way that the items are arranged by the team members. The arrangement of the items is very crucial in proper survival. The arrangement helps to give the properties available the precedence and the usefulness to the individuals and the group members.

The arrangement of the products takes into consideration of an individual, pair, small group and the whole class. According to the arrangement, an individual person requires some items that are essential for the individual although some of the things that an individual can use may also be used by the whole class, such as the Bible and knife.  Living in the island can cause a number of things to the lifestyle of an individual. Firstly, staying in the island leads to compromise on the kind of food to eat and the method of preparation.

In conclusion, the social way of living changes with the vicinity and the neighbours. When people of the same age stay at the same place, their ways of living is different from when they stay with older people. The closeness to one another also dictates the things that an individual will be willing to share. For example, people who are close will be free to share the same soap or scissors if none of them is suffering from a communicable disease.

29 Mar

Persuasive Essay Sample

A cheerful giver hardly ever lacks. Such is the foundation on which most non-profit organizations are founded (Frumkin, 2006). The Lorton Community Action Center is no exception. It is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to break the poverty cycle and to prevent homelessness. Founded in 1975, the brainchild of this organization was the increasing lack of basic needs among low-income families. Lorton Community Action Center has since taken up the task of collecting and distributing food throughout the year (Lorton Community Action Center, 1983). Seeing as every dollar makes a difference, any form of donation, whether financial or moral, is highly welcome.

It is saddening to think that human beings under the same sky lead entirely different lives. While others enjoy the simple luxuries of life such as adequate food, shelter, and clothing, people in other parts of the nation cannot recall the last time they afforded a decent meal. Access to health facilities is a tall order for these individuals whenever they need medical attention. The less fortunate are faced with extreme conditions, and all they need is a helping hand

Needless to say, the moral fabric of society draws its strength from understanding. Human beings are structured to care for one another. It is a person’s moral obligation to see to it that all people on the face of the earth are as comfortable as it is humanly possible. The misdemeanors of a friend, brother, or sister can be taken as one’s own. Innocent children suffer due to their parent’s inability to provide for them. These parents are caught between a rock and a hard place, and they cannot be blamed for their current situation. Able adults and children ought to exercise compassion and donate whatever they can afford to fuel the Lorton Community’s worthy cause (Hedrick, 2008).

The organization warmly welcomes financial contributions (Lorton Community Action Center, 1983). Various people have offered undying support by committing themselves to give sustaining gifts. These people have recurrently donated funds thus ensuring a constant food supply for the less fortunate. A common factor unites the financial donors: they are passionate about children. Most of them are moved at the sight of an innocent infant whose only care in the world is love and protection. Donors are glad to be part of the success stories of these young ones who are given a second chance in life.

Apart from financial aid, these people need clothing and household goods. Closets may be stacked with garments that are rarely worn. These can be beneficial to a mother whose knowledge of clothes is limited to two worn out dresses that she can afford. It is Lorton’s earnest appeal to all individuals to sift through their closets and offer what they can to these men and women. Household goods such as cutlery and utensils will go a long way in ensuring that the food accessed is served in hygienic conditions. Additionally, this furniture will play a significant role in preventing the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis and cholera. Consequently, human life will be preserved (Lorton Community Action Center, 1983).

The youth is highly encouraged to offer voluntary services to the organization. Their services are especially needed in the pantry and the thrift store. In the pantry, the youth can shelve food, break down food boxes, and conduct food drives. All these activities are rewarding to the less fortunate as they will learn that the community appreciates them regardless of their temporary situation. Young people in the thrift store will be tasked with monitoring incoming donations and tidying the shop. While at it, they will be able to socialize with the children while offering the much-needed love and support (Post, 2011).

As a potential donor, there are numerous gifts in store. First is peace of mind (Post, 2011). There is nothing more satisfying than the thought that one’s life changed for the better thanks to another human’s effort. The smiles on the faces of these mothers and fathers at the sight of certain clothing, decent bedding, and access to health facilities are heavenly. Donors will be contented when they help a child to not only realize their life goals but also come to the aid of another child in future (Frumkin, 2006). Additionally, adults who set up fundraising pages will receive five hours of community service credit for every a thousand dollars that they raise. It is in addition to the sound knowledge that over 250 families will be able to receive fresh food every week (Lorton Community Action Center, 1983). Nothing could be more rewarding.

‘The heart that gives, gathers’ should be the ultimate inspiration. The simple act of giving goes a long way in making a difference in the lives of other human beings. Feeding one life could be more beneficial than feeding a thousand as long as it is done out of the heart’s abundance (Hedrick, 2008).